The CELL is a fully analog semi-modular synthesizer system that is ideal for making bassline sounds, techno music, acid house, and beyond!

The CELL combines some east coast and some west coast synthesis elements. It contains a single voltage controlled AS3340 oscillator (VCO), a low pass voltage controlled AS3372 filter (VCF) and amplifier (VCA) combination, and an AS3310 voltage controlled envelope (EG), a voltage controlled slope (VCE). Lastly there is the Random Sequencer (RND) that ties the various modules together. There is a “normallization” path that internally patches the individual modules together so that a user can have a basic patch available without the use of patch cords. The specific circuits were chosen for their stability, versatility, availability, and ease of construction.

Available as a Eurorack module or a tabletop/console synth.


  • Module width: 36HP
  • Module depth: 24mm
  • Current draw:
    • +12V: 95mA
    • -12V: 60mA

View the manual here.

View the assembly instructions here.

Note: The demo video shows the console version, but the controls, voltages, and patching are identical between the two versions.